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Free download Spy Software for Android mobile and tablet. You can choose the best one from the Top 5 reviewed Android monitoring apps.

It even lets your kid send you an access request on a site blocked by you. So you know its time to talk. Easy to use as you can access and change setting from anywhere and anytime. Gives you access to view your Kid's browsing history, You Tube videos, text messages: sent and received and set limits as well. Helps to use and manage security protection for all your devices.

Part 6: PhoneSheriff If your worried and concerned about your kid's internet usage, PhoneSheriff can help you with tracking and protecting your Kid's online presence. Lets go through its features: Logs all the websites visited by your kid in the history and also lets you view the foll text of iMessage along with contact info. You get to know any new contact added to the phone. Allows time restrictions and also gives you Geo-fencing alert. Special feature of this software is that it gives you profanity and also intrusion alert in case someone else tries to sneak into the phone. Easy locking and unlocking of phone, with easy erase of data in any emergency.

Part 7: KuuKla KuuKla is a parental control application for your child's protection while using internet on a tablet. Here are a few features: Easy to install and unistall on Android tablet. You can select to approve the applications for your kid.

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You can set a Tablet- free or Free- tablet schedole for your kid. Monitor and limit the time spent by your kids on the internet even when you are not around. Part 8: Screen Time Screen Time , as the name suggests, controls the time spent by your kids on their tablets and smartphones. Let us go through some of the features below: Lets you set bedtime and school time restrictions also on the app. Even use your device to pause your child's device or give additional time and helps you create a checklist of the sites you want your child to visit and learn from.

Change screen time while you are not around using your phone. You can invite and make your partner, parents admin and alter the setting in your absence. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Amazon devices. Prevent your kids from uninstalling the screen time software. Part 9: SecureTeen SecureTeen is an effective way of protecting your kids from cyber bollies, mature content, violent games and stalking. Some of the key features of SecureTeen are as under: Internet filtering feature lets you filter all inappropriate content that you kid must not watch. Lets you block pornography and applications that are harmfol for your child.

Monitors Facebook activities - timeline, posts, photos, chats etc. Another feature is safe search which filters mature content for your kid on search tab. Easy to block and unblock phone from anywhere which also helps in case it is stolen. Part Abeona Abeona is a fast and free parental control app which helps you monitor your kid's activities and save them from internet dangers. A few features of Abeona Parental Control app are as under: Receive real time notification of any application launch on your child's smartphone.

Set up moltiple Geo fences and get notified when your kid enters or exits them. Check if the device is online or not i. Use Android browser or Chrome to track websites visited by your kid. All Topics Parental Controls on Android 1. Best Parental Control Software for Android 2. Best Android Parental Control Apps 4. How to Restrict App Access on Android 7. Top 5 App Blockers on Android in 8.

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  • Top 10 iPhone Parental Monitoring Apps 2. Giving a Kid an iPhone or iPod touch? Do This First 4. Top 5 Contetn Filtering and Blocking Software 2. Top 10 best apps to track apps and phone usage 4. Parental Control on Android Chrome Browser 7. Mark, do you have to have the phone that you want to track, in order to download the app onto the phone you want to track? Me too is a mobistealth user — it works, and well. I am pleased with the app and it really does what it promises, no strings attached.

    Get Your Powerful Yet Covert Cell-Phone Monitoring Software Here!

    I have been a Mobistealth user for about half a year now. I switched to Blackberry recently and now I like it even better. I also used to have a different soft and it took time to get used to the commands and so on; however, I am sure this is the best option on the spy software market and I think I should mention customer support — great job. This is the source i pick it up..! Most of the issues were resolved in a matter of several hours. I really like the way their customer support works.

    I hate to be ignored and it is imporant for me to fix the problem. I start to think that it was a wrong app to choose…. Yes, Carol you do have to have the phone to initially install the software, though you have have it installed in about 5 minutes. The recording of surroundings is amazing! That also needs to be pointed out, they must use the native browser.

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    I would like to buy it, but the cell phone is connect via wifi only every evening, but I would like to know the all days happening. Is it problem? What can I do? Does this keep a record of via text or iMessage. And what does an how covert is the control panel from the phone that you are doing the monitoring? Can it be hidden on the phone incase someone is looking through the monitoring phone will they be able to see an find it?

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    • Have used a couple of other programs which have had issues. Used MobiStealth in the past, but quit due to poor tech support. Am wondering now if that has improved.

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      Also wondering if call recording works for both sides of the conversations. Wonder if MobiStealth will record if the user has a bluetooth. Can anyone answer that one? I have used this software for over a year. There have been a few glitches but nothing major.

      The only reason that I stopped using this software is because they no longer support surrounding recordings or call recordings.

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      These were more important to me than the other stuff. But overall I would recommend this to anyone and if they got those features back I would return.

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      Quite agree with you Lauren. Used it for 3 months and loved it.