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There is a "laser" function on the remote that activates a red LED. This can be turned off by pressing the mute button. If you are considering buying one, treat yourself to this fun toy and tool. Signal Jammer Mobile Simulator. Available instantly on compatible devices.

Almost didn't use. See All Buying Options. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. It turned off my phone without me having to do it. It is magnificent! As soon as I stored my phone Bluetooth could not access my phone. I tested it with a 3G phone and the signal was blocked. Would be nice if the front pocket also had blocking material on both sides so I could put credit cards there, separate from the phone. Gardner texas.

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This is an excellent tracking device and was easy for this grandmother to install without any assistance. My son in law went over the blinking lights several times with a permanent marker so that the device would be undetectable to the average person. I was able to track the whereabouts of my car as it was being driven by a family member who was out on bail for drug-related issues. It took less than a week to catch this person driving to shady locations when they were supposed to be at work.

I was able to google the addresses it provided to see exactly where every stop occurred. I followed up with a home drug testing kit that was positive for methamphetamines. I had to do this because up until the point I kept falling for the lies being told to me and I Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Benson North Bend, OR. I would have posted this summary earlier but I wanted to try the blue-tooth variant on this unit. See link. Blue-tooth is OK but just does not have the power to extend wireless listening beyond about 15 feet. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. I often attend meetings where I am required to turn off my cell phone.

It fits in the side pocket of my favorite purse and makes it easy to find my cell when I want to bring it out and accept calls again after a meeting. The security of not being tracked by my cell phone is also handy when I want to escape for some quiet time from my large family and all the kids and grandkids. I do hope I don't have to use it if someone is tracking me to do my harm, but it is a comfort to be prepared for that emergency. I love the camouflage design on the material on the outside of the pouch.

Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. I don't use it often but I was surprised it came with a remote. Works great for the person in the back seat. Only 11 left in stock more on the way. I bought this to filter out higher band noise. I don't use Moca. But it seems to have lowered my modem error rates even more.

The item on Amazon page, does not look like that. It's much nicer. Comes in a clam shell package and had different labeling. Plus it looks new and not beat up like the picture. I have a neighbor that has RG11 drop line and I believe he has a Moca set up. Given that he also has an over powered wifi signal too I think he doesn't have one of these on his line. His house is brick and he is over feet from my house and yet I pick up his wifi at 2 bars.

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  • So this is just insurance, that I'm not getting all that contaminated signal. Seems to be working great.

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    Skilled operator is able to identify type of explosive detected using ionogram displayed in the monitor. Vapor detector can be used to protect enterprises, banks, governmental buildings, offices, living premises, different means of transport automobile, air, railroad, water. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Send Email. Security Products. Get Best Quote. Under the supervision of our experienced professionals, we are providing high quality Portable Satellite And Mobile Phone Detector.

    Yes I'm interested. It is designed to detect people behind obstacles walls, building construction, debris during anti-terrorist and rescue operations. Information on any moving objects in the range of radar operation is displayed as red marks on the removable display. A motionless people are detected by breathing with minimum amplitude of moving chest of 0. Use 6. PIR shortest trigger time can reach: 0. Support capture at night, Invisible infrared light, makes the effective distance of 20 meters, Light intensity is adjustable.

    As per the specific needs of the clients, we are engaged in providing a high quality range of Professional X Ray Baggage Scanning System. Being a quality-centric organization of this industry, we are engaged in offering a wide array of Portable X Ray Baggage Scanner System. Industrial inspection. Medical inspection. Image Acquisition: 3. Pixels: 0. Pulse width: ns Bit rate: 8 Bits. Description: It is a high performance hand held metal detector designed to meet the exact requirements of the security industry.

    Typical uses will include body search for offensive weapons in crowd control, airport and border security, checking parcels and letters for metal objects and anywhere that hidden metal needs to be detected. Maximum detection range: Object low sensitivity optimum sensitivity 38 caliber hand gun 15 cm 20 cm Pen knife: 10 cm, 15 cm Razor blade: 5 cm 10 cm Export Packing 25 Pieces Per Carton 0.

    The Problem with Mobile Phones | Surveillance Self-Defense

    Description: This RF detector is designed for detection and localization of radio-wave radiation devices RD which are used for unauthorized data transfer via radio channel. Additionally indication of base stations power signal strength and data exchange intensity is provided. To detect signals, it scans series of frequency ranges of the known transmission standards. The user can set up the detection threshold and the number of desired frequency bands.

    Spy mobile phone - XCell Basic v2 for anti-eavesdropping

    Signals identification is performed on basis of analysis of detected signals time parameters. Description: The device is developed for protection of stationary and moving objects against high-accuracy weapons equipped with GPS-aiming and guiding system and against topographical referencing of objects by GPS coordinates.

    Description: Multifunction detection device is intended for detection and localization of special technical means STM used for surreptitious obtaining of information, as well as identification of natural and artificial sources of information leakage. The main types of the STM, for detection of which it is intended, include the following: The STM with transfer of information by radio channel.

    Effective impulse source of power supply insures long operation time on one AA-type battery 1. The case is made of aluminum alloy; it has a hand strap and soft rubber eye shade. The device is easy-to-use and does not require special skills. Specification: Height mm Width 68 mm Thickness 50 mm Weight 0. Main Competitive Advantages: Small dimensions and weight of the device Easy-to-use, it is possible to use the device as checking one Automatic and manual modes of power change of the probing signal Use of the latest technologies and materials, ergonomic High detection potential it is highly competitive to the best samples Use of wireless earphones It is possible to operate in hard-to-reach places and under conditions of limited space antenna thickness does not exceed 18 mm Specification: Height cm Width 15 cm Thickness 4 cm Weight 1 kg Power supply Rechargeable battery Frequency band to MHz Dynamic range 80 Db Operation time over 3,5 h at pulse probing signal and 1,5 h at pCW probing signal Delivery Set: Lornet device with Li-Ion battery Wireless accessories a receiver with head phones Power adapter V for a charger Bag.

    Description: This WiFi blocker utilizes unique and intelligent technique to prevent unauthorized wireless data transmission by competitor or business spy, physical protection for WiFi It comes with range adjustment to fit different environment. User can shorten the effective coverage when you use this device in a smaller room without interfering the WLAN or WiFi communication in neighbor rooms. Effective Range: Up to 25 meters radius depends on the type and strength of signal sources with range adjustment to fit different environment.

    Description: This Directional Bluetooth Blocker has new designed patch antenna that will jam only the front side of the antenna without interfering with the backside of the antenna. This Directional Bluetooth Blocker comes with "range adjustment" to fit different environment. You are able to shorten the jamming coverage when you use this device in a smaller room without interfering the WLAN , WiFi or Bluetooth communication in neighbor rooms. Features: Palm size for easy carry Built-in rechargeable battery can be used for 1. Description: ATM criminal is more and more popular nowadays.

    How to protect the ATM users' pin code without recording by spy camera is urgent issue for banks.

    Hidden Cameras Detector Anti Spy Phone Finder Australia

    The ATM spy camera detector will reduce this risk. It applies with fuzzy scanning technology and digital signal filter, specially made for detecting wireless spy cameras without interference with cell phone around. Special made for the security company adds on their alarm system. Description: The non-linear junction detector Lornet is an indispensable tool for quick and reliable location of unauthorized electronic devices during search operations in premises with a high density of electronic equipment.