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As of July , the latest update blocks management by other means.

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The program uses either a stand-alone program to generate a key or an ActiveX control to discover whether the license key is valid; either way an Internet connection is required. However, newer versions of Windows will still require the user to purchase a new copy. Microsoft also offers discounts to people who want to purchase a legitimate copy of Windows but do not have a valid CD. Microsoft has indicated that they will continue to deliver critical security updates through their Automatic Updates service as well as via the Microsoft Download Center, so that all systems, including those that fail to pass validation, will still continue to receive critical security updates.

The company has made installation of Windows Genuine Advantage a requirement for use of the Windows Update and Microsoft Update websites, in part to be sure that customers who use support resources of the company are aware when their software is unlicensed. According to Microsoft themselves, it is legal to run Microsoft Windows without Windows Genuine Advantage [ citation needed ]. However, since non-critical Windows updates are not presented by Automatic Updates, installation of WGA is required for installation of such non-critical updates, which are only available through Windows Update or the Microsoft Download Center.

Users with legitimate copies are not supposed to see the alerts although some do anyway [7]. On May 23, , Microsoft updated the program, closing some forms of circumvention, but reportedly not all. The latest versions do not roll out worldwide at the same time: the dates given are the earliest dates on which the versions appeared, so the actual version being offered in some places will be an earlier version than the latest release. The version of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications released November 29, , had a changed install process to inform the user of what the program does, and can also be set to automatically update to newer versions of Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications.

It also informs users that may have a non-genuine version of Windows why their Windows version isn't being reported as genuine. However, unlike previous releases, it started being only automatically delivered to Windows machines using four widely distributed product keys. Microsoft includes the Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Library in several products, such as Windows validation tool or Windows Media Player 11 , to check the validation about all Windows software.

As of version 7, Internet Explorer no longer requires the user to pass a Windows Genuine Advantage test in order to download or install the software. The program will stop working after 30 days once it failed the validation process.

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In September , Microsoft filed lawsuits against a number of companies that sold unauthorized copies of software based on information from users who were told they have copyright infringing software by the Windows Genuine Advantage application. Some personal firewalls , though not one embedded in Windows, may alert on the method by which wgatray. The wgatray. Through Windows Genuine Advantage, Microsoft collects the following data: [13] [14]. Since the majority of users in China run an unlicensed copy of Windows, many users have experienced what is described as a "black screen syndrome", where the operating system changes the desktop background to a black screen, as well as displays constant warning messages.

According to various polls carried out by Chinese portals such as Sohu. Even if WGA does not really make the program unusable, no updates except critical ones can be downloaded from Microsoft. Rather than just disallowing updating, Windows Vista originally ran in reduced-functionality mode if found by WGA to be compromised, [22] [23] which has made some people compare WGA to time bomb software. The notification tool has been accused of spyware -like behavior, " phoning home " on a daily basis.

Despite this, Microsoft was sued under anti-spyware statutes over WGA's non-disclosed "phone home" behaviour. The WGA program can produce false positives incorrectly identifying a genuine copy of Windows as "not genuine".

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  8. This can happen for any number of reasons such as failed updates, etc. Microsoft has established a forum to help users encountering problems. On June 18, , news surfaced that it is possible to positively validate as a "Genuine Microsoft Product" user and as a result be able to download certain software from Microsoft 's official website using Internet Explorer with IEs4Linux and Wine , running on Linux , [3] without even having a Windows -family system installed.

    On October 5, , a WGA failure occurred, incorrectly flagging some systems as being non-genuine. According to Microsoft, "fewer than 12, systems were affected worldwide. Microsoft later responded that only offline verification was temporarily down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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