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How to protect children online and in the real world

It is inevitable to spy on kids online if you want to ensure that kids are safe, guided and disciplined. If you want to raise responsible children, then you must be ready to see what they do online. Well, most of the chats, pictures, and videos that children engage in are secret, and they would not want you to find. If you are planning to control what they can do, then you must be smarter. If you walk to your kid and say you are planning to spy on them, you are going to lose it all.

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If you intend to work it straight up, you are also losing it. Instead, you need to install a kid tracker app on their phones.

13 Spying Apps To Monitor & Track Your Children's Smartphone Activities

Noteworthy, it is not easy to write off the fact that your kid needs a phone. So, the writing is on the wall — if the kid does not use your phone, he or she will use another device. You cannot take it away from them because they will suffer peer pressure at school, and this may result in low self-esteem. According to a report by AVG , teens spend at least seven hours on phones and computer among other electronic devices. A prudent parent will play the guidance role without hurting the kid.

On the whole, SpyAdvice is one of the best apps you can ever use to spy kids. If you are looking for how to track a cell phone location without installing software, give the SpyAdvice app a shot. The mobile application lets you know who contacts your kid, the websites the child visits or apps they use.

You can also find the places he or she goes using GPS. I am sure you understand what spying on kids means. Spying is whereby you pull out an FBI on your kid; you investigate them secretly. In the past, parents would read the emails and letters sent to their children. Of course, this resulted in lots of privacy concerns from the kids. Today, life is broader with the advanced technology, and emails are no longer viable. The phone is the primary target, and because the kids are conversant with technology, parents must keep up with smarter technological monitoring methods. To spy on teens, you must be a really smart person.

Unlike grade school kids, teens know how to navigate their phones pretty well, and they are always suspecting that you could be prying on them. You can spy on your kids through installing apps on their smartphones. Some spy apps need installation, but others are online and have nothing to do with it.

You can also use their Apple ID, which does not require you to install any app. Anyway, to find out different ways of spying on your kids and anyone else? Before everything else, why should you spy on your child? Well, there are many reasons why parents should embrace kids spying. Here is the rationale start monitoring and controlling what your children do with their phones, tablets or computers. Three legal grounds give you the right to spy on a gadget.

First, the phone must belong to you. Of course, you have the right to track your device. No doubt, the kid is using a phone that belongs to you, so you are good with that. The second ground requires you to inform the target that you are spying on them. Well, maybe you are worried about how your teenage daughter will react if you break the news that you want to spy on her.

Such a move would trigger a sudden change in behavior, which would result in the somewhat weird situation.

The Dangers Of Social Media

It is as if the law gives you the right to ask yourself, on behalf of the kid, whether you should spy on the minor and then answer back! The third legal ground is that the parent or guardian has the legal mandate to offer security, education and necessary provisions to the child. The laws of the land stipulate that you should raise a good citizen of the country. Thus, to ensure you give the constitutional rights to your children, parents can go as far as spying on them. If their right to privacy jeopardizes security, then the latter becomes a priority over the former.

Thus, tracking your child is legal. You can confirm that from our dedicated article on whether spying is legal. By now, you are good to monitor your kids with little information further. If you are still stuck on how to do it, then you can use the mobile apps.

The phone should be the first target for all prying! The reason is simple — you want to monitor the chats, calls, browsing, and location. Smartphones are small computers, and you can get a lot of information from monitoring it. Well, versions of the kid tracking apps are also available for tablets and computer users. The internet has infinite varieties of spyware.

Determining the best amongst them is quite a hassle. We do understand that the most popular apps are not necessarily the best. The user-based reviews are more trustworthy because they give the actual picture on the ground. Illegal spying is a federal crime that can attract a significant penalty. The apps should only be used to spy on your kid. It may be legal to spy on your kid, but if you expose his or her private information to other people, this could be easily conceived as espionage.

13 Spying Apps To Monitor & Track Your Children’s Smartphone Activities

Anyway, our article is for informational purposes only, and how you use the apps is up to you. Many people desire to know how to track a phone without them knowing for free. Well, it is important to appreciate that the best spy apps are premium and you must pay a monthly fee. However, some spying apps have free versions, and you can make use of them. The accolades are fair. Apart from tracking the actual location of your child, the SpyAdvice app has multiple worthwhile features.

It has GPS technology, which enables you to know the exact location of your child. If the phone gets lost, the GPS feature will help you find it, too. Then, you can eavesdrop on calls using the SpyAdvice app. Listening to calls is an important feature because it helps you sort the good friends from the bad. The vulnerabilities of your child become higher if they have access to the digital world and parents are not aware of the dangers.

Part 1: How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

There are following things that can really put your teens in real danger and they may get such bad habits that can ruin their life while using the smartphones connected to the virtual world. Abusive language and racist sentences are the best weapons for bullies online to humiliate a child for the sake of fun.

Once a teens or kid exchange its contact number then take a step further and want to meet them in real life for sexual motives and young immature teens often commit to meet them in real life. The sexual predators operate in groups and trap young teens most of the time; they are basically mentally frustrated people that always want to hunt teens to rape them alongside with their friends.

Over the years, a number of cases have been reported where teens raped and murdered by the unknown sexual predators.

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The use of smartphones all day long such as in the activities of text messages , incoming and outgoing calls , use of instant messaging apps and VOICE messages often put teens in cell phone and online media obsession. They always want to connect their smartphone devices to the internet in order to spend the whole day in cell phone activities. This way teens health is compromised and they get ill and even more depress than ever.

When children have access to the internet and to the social messaging apps, they often encounter with the adult content and they start searching for the nude content on the cell phone browser. On the other hand young teens also very popular for self-obscenity by making their own nude videos and often embarrassed in case the video goes viral on the internet by someone close to them such as boyfriends. This kind of bad activity mostly turn teens obsessed with the artificial sexual behaviors that can really damage children mentally and they no-more convince to have the natural sexual relationship in their real —life.

Children those spend all day long on the smartphones and do activities such as texting , sexting , make calls, shared media on the instant messaging apps and do Voice calls often become obsessed with social media. Some parents may want to take the kids and teens consent while tracing their mobile phones and many of them want to spy on children phone secretly.

If you want to do surveillance on kids and teens cell phone without them knowing then we are going to tell you few easy ways. Parents need to use different methods in order to keep an eye on kids and teens phone activities. Parents can use the cell phone tracking software and they have to install it on kids and teens smartphone gadget. Spy tracking devices for cell phones are the best way to know the hidden activities of children without them knowing.

Child watch: The apps that let parents 'spy' on their kids

Spy phone app further enables a user to get screenshots remotely of all the activities of children performed on the target smartphone such as text messages , visited websites , shared media , and all other activities except voice activities. The user can remotely block the activities with the remote phone controller of the best cell phone spy app.

The user can block the incoming text messages, incoming calls, and internet remotely.